The Wizard of Oz

Questions on the text:

Answer the questions on the text in complete sentences

1)    What did the big storm do?

2)    Why were the people in the country of Oz so happy?

3)    Why was Dorothy unhappy?

4)    Why did she want to go to the Wizard of Oz?

5)    Where did the Wizard of Oz live?

6)    How could she find the Green City?


7)    Who did she meet on her way?

8)    What was the scarecrow’s problem?

9)    What was the tin man’s problem?

10) What was the lion’s problem?

11)Why did they all go with Dorothy?

12) What did they see on the next day?


13) What was the forest like?

14) What did they hear there?

15) Who lived in the forest?

16) What were the Khalidahs like?

17) Why was the lion afraid of the Khalidahs?

18) What was their next problem?

19) Who had a good idea?

20) What was the scarecrow’s idea?

21) What did the tin man do?

22) What did they hear before they went across to the other side?


23) What did they see?

24) Who went across first?

25) Why did the tin man carry Toto?

26) Who went next?

27) What did the lion do to stop the Khalidahs?

28) What was the scarecrow’s second good idea?

29) What did the tin man do then?

30) Why did the Khalidahs not follow them?

You can download the questions here: EG1_U7_Topic_Oz_Ques