Fill in the missing words:

The Wizard of Oz

A big storm ____________(1) Dorothy, her ____________( (2)  Toto and their ____________( (3)  from Kansas to the country of Oz. There, the house ____________( (4)  on the Bad ____________( (5)  of the East and ____________( (6) her. The people were very ____________( 7), but Dorothy ____________( 8), “ Oh, how can I get back ____________( 9)  to Kansas?” “Maybe the ____________( 10)  of Oz can ____________( 11)  you,” the people ____________( 12)  her. So Dorothy ____________( 13)  the yellow ____________(14)  road to the Green City.

On her way she ____________( 15)  a scarecrow, a ____________( 16)  and a lion. The scarecrow said, “I’m so ____________( 17). Maybe the Wizard of Oz can give me a ____________( 18).” The tin man said, “Oh, I ____________(19) want a ____________(20).” And the lion said, “I’m so ____________(21). Maybe Oz can give me ____________(22).” So they all ____________(23)  with Dorothy because they ____________(24)  help from the great and terrible ____________(25)  of Oz. The next ____________(26)  they came to a ____________(27)

The forest was ____________(28)  and there were very ____________(29)  sounds in it. The lion said, “The Khalidahs ____________(30)  here”

“What are the Kalidahs?” Dorothy ____________(31).

“They are big ____________(32), half-____________( 33)  and half-____________(34),” the lion answered. “I am ____________( 35)  of the Khalidahs.”

“I understand. They must be ____________(36).,” said the girl. But before the lion ____________(37)  her again they ____________(38)  to a big ravine  ___________(39)  the road.

“How can we ____________(40)  to the other ____________(41)?” Dorothy asked.

Then the Scarecrow said: “Here is a big ____________(42)  near the ravine. The tin man can ____________(43)  it with his ____________(44). When it ____________(45)  to the other side, we can ____________(46)  across.”

“That is a very good ____________(47),“ the lion. “Maybe you have got a ____________(48)  in your ____________(49).”

The tin man took his ____________(50)  and started ____________(51). When he was ____________(52), the tree ____________(53)  across the ravine. But before they ____________(54)  across to the other side, there was a _____________(55)  sound.

Then they ____________(56) two big animals, half-____________(57)  and half-____________(58).

“They are the ____________(,” said the lion.

____________(59)  on!” said the scarecrow, “let’s go across.”

So Dorothy went first. Toto was ____________(60), so the tin man ____________(61)  him. Then scarecrow ____________(62)  them and then came the lion. He was very ____________(63), too, but he looked at the Kalidahs and gave a ____________( 64)  and terrible ____________(65). It was so ____________(66) the Kalidahs stopped for a ____________(67).  But then they ____________(68)  across the tree.

The lion ____________( 69)  to Dorothy, “I can try and ____________(70)  them. But I ____________(71)  we’re lost!”

“Wait a ____________(72)!” said the scarecrow. “Tin man, ____________(73)  the end of the ____________(74) on our side of the ravine.” The tin man ____________(75)   his axe and ____________(76)  the end of the tree. When the ____________(77)  were ____________(78)  across, the ____________(79)  fell into the ravine and ____________(80)  the terrible ____________(81) with it.

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