The Wizard of Oz



fairy tale                  This story isn’t true.                               Märchen

witch                        A terrible woman                                    Hexe

wizard                     He often says “abracadabra”              Zauberer

brick                        You make houses with  this red stone     Ziegel(stein)

scarecrow              Birds are afraif of it.                               Vogelscheuche

tin man                   thin metal                                                Mann aus Blech

bear                         a big brown animal                               Bär

tiger                                                                                           Tiger

roar                          the loud noise of a lion                         Gebrüll, (brüllen)

ravine                      a big hole in the land                            Schlucht

storm                      terrible weather                                      Sturm

east                         north, south, east, west                        Osten, östlich

courage                  Strong men have courage.                  Mut, Tapferkeit

side                         on the left side of the street                 Seite

axe                           You cut wood with it.                              Axt, Beil

brain                        You can think with it.                              Gehirn

head                        You put your hat on your head.            Kopf

heart                                                                                          Herz

strange                                                                                     seltsam, merkwürdig

(to) be scared        = afraid                                                    Angst haben, sich fürchten

(to) be  finished                                                                       fertig sein

(to) be lost                                                                                verloren sein

(to) follow              (to) go behind another person            folgen

(to) get                    How do you get to school? By bus?   (hin)kommen, gelangen

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