The Wizard of Oz

A big storm carried Dorothy, her dog Toto and their house from Kansas to the country of Oz. There, the house fell on the Bad Witch of the East and killed her. The people were very happy, but Dorothy asked, “ Oh, how can I get back home to Kansas?” “Maybe the Wizard of Oz can help you,” the people told her. So Dorothy followed the yellow brick road to the Green City.

On her way she met a scarecrow, a tin man and a lion. The scarecrow said, “I’m so stupid. Maybe the Wizard of Oz can give me a brain.” The tin man said, “Oh, I really want a heart.” And the lion said, “I’m so scared. Maybe Oz can give me courage.” So they all went with Dorothy because they needed help from the great and terrible Wizard of Oz. The next day they came to a forest…

The forest was dark and there were very strange sounds in it. The lion said, “The Khalidahs live here”

“What are the Kalidahs?” Dorothy asked.

“They are big animals, half-bear and half-tiger,” the lion answered. “I am scared of the Khalidahs.”

“I understand. They must be terrible.,” said the girl. But before the lion answered her again they came to a big ravine across the road.

“How can we get to the other side?” Dorothy asked.

Then the Scarecrow said: “Here is a big tree near the ravine. The tin man can cut it with his axe. When it falls to the other side, we can go across.”

“That is a very good idea,“ the lion. “Maybe you have got a brain in your head.”

The tin man took his axe and started work. When he was finished, the tree fell across the ravine. But before they went across to the other side, there was a terrible sound.

Then they saw two big animals, half-bear and half-tiger.

“They are the Kalidahs,” said the lion.

“Come on!” said the scarecrow, “let’s go across.”

So Dorothy went first. Toto was scared, so the tin man carried him. The scarecrow followed them and then came the lion. He was very scared, too, but he looked at the Kalidahs and gave a loud and terrible roar. It was so loud the Kalidahs stopped for a moment.  But then they came across the tree.

The lion said to Dorothy, “I can try and stop them. But I think we’re lost!”

“Wait a minute!” said the scarecrow. “Tin man, cut the end of the tree on our side of the ravine.” The tin man took his axe and cut the end of the tree. When the Kalidahs were almost across, the tree fell into the ravine and carried the terrible animals with it.

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