Vocabulary 4

Additional words:                                                                           Weitere Wörter:

driver                  The bus driver drives the bus.                           Fahrer, Fahrerin

diary                   You must write in your diary every day.         Tagebuch

trick                    Don’t play funny tricks on me.                           Streich, Trick

(to) play a trick  Let’s play a trick on our teacher.                jmdn einen Streich spielen

on a person

farm                                                                                                            Bauernhof

country               Kenya is a country in Africa.                                Land

in the county      Farmers live in the country.                           auf dem Land

island                                                                                                          Insel

holiday(s)           I love a holiday in the country.                        Ferien, Urlaub

(to) be on holiday                                                                               im Urlaub sein, Ferien haben

(to) go on holiday                                                                                 auf Urlaub gehen, Ferien  machen

date                    What’s the date today?                                                 Datum, Termin,

Ben has got a date with a girl.                                  Verabredung

end                     at the end of the school term                                          Ende, Schluss

joke                    Can you tell me a joke?                                                        Witz

tourist                                                                                                                     Tourist, Touristin

tour guide                                                                                                             Fremdenführer

centre                 information centre; the centre of the city                   Zentrum,; Mitte

drawing                                                                                                                     Zeichnung

phone call          There was a phone call for you.                                       (Telefon-) Anruf

imagination         Children have a lot of imagination                               Vorstellungskraft,


end-of-term        We always have an end-of-term party.                     Party am Ende eines

party                                                                                                                       Schulhalbjahres

fancy-dress party In carnival we have fancy-dress parties.              Kostümfest

costume             I have got a fantastic costume.                                      Kostüme, Verkleidung

ticket                  The tickets aren’t expensive.                                          Eintrittskarte, Fahrkarte

prize                   the Nobel Prize                                                                       Preis, Gewinn,


ceiling                 (the opposite of “floor”)                                                     (Zimmer-) Decke

microphone        Come to the microphone and tell everyone           Mikrofon

how you felt when you got the Nobel Prize.

Grammar terms:                                                         Grammatikausdrücke:

the past              Put the sentence into the simple past.              Vergangenheit

word order          Correct the word order, please.                         Wortstellung

regular               I like regular verbs.                                                     regelmäßig

irregular             I know all the irregular verbs.                                unregelmäßig

bracket               the word in brackets (….)                                         Klammer

suffix                                                                                                                 Nachsilbe, Suffix

prefix                                                                                                                Vorsilbe, Präfix

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