EG1 Unit 7

Vocabulary 3

Frequent words                                                              Häufg vorkommende  Wörter/


more                   Can I have more apple juice?                              mehr

a kilo of…           eighty kilos of meat.                                               Kilo

a litre of…          two litres of milk                                                    Liter

a cup of …         two cups of tea or chocolate                           Tasse

a lot of…            a lot of money                                                       Menge, viel

much                  much money                                                            viel

many                  many coins                                                              viele

when                  It’s nice when the sun shines.                           wenn, als…

I helped him when he called for help.                 als

When do you start school in the morning?       Wann?

Prepositions:                                                              Präpositionen:

at the front         Let’s sit at the front.                                      vorn

to the front         Come to the front.                                          nach vorne

a year ago          I was in America a year ago.                        vor einem Jahr

till (until)             Let’s wait till tomorrow.                               bis (zeitlich)


Expressions:                                                              Ausdrücke

(time:)                                                                          der Zeit:

at the moment                                                                           im Moment, gerade, im

Augenblick, derzeit

last night            What did you do last night?                gestern Abend, letzte Nacht,

in der vergangenen Nacht

a year ago         I was in America a year ago.              vor einem Jahr

yesterday           What did you do yesterday?              gestern

today                  Today is Thursday.                                     heute

tomorrow            Can I meet you tomorrow?                 morgen

once                   You can play that trick only once.      einmal, einst

later                                                                                              später

all day                                                                                       den ganzen Tag (lang)

time to go           School is over; time to go home.        Zeit zu gehen


for example        We saw animals, for example lions.    zum Beispiel

What was it like?                                                                Wie war’s?

It’s me — Ben.                                                              Ich bins — Ben.