EG1  Unit 7

Vocabulary 1

zoo                                                                                                       (der) Zoo

trip (to)               a school trip to the zoo                                 Ausflug, Reise (nach)

questionnaire     Fill in the questionnaire.                           Fragebogen

visitor                 There are many visitors  at the zoo.           Besucher

danger                                                                                                   Gefahr

feeding times      When are the feeding times at the zoo?  Fütterungszeiten

banana               Monkeys like bananas.                                    Banane

bread                                                                                                      Brot

milk                     Baby monkeys need milk.                               Milch

tomato, tomatoes                                                                           Tomate

(potato, potatoes  [ kommt erst in Unit 8 vor]                     Kartoffel)

Tropical House   There are tropical trees in the                   Tropenhaus


animals:                                                                                             Tiere:

elephant                                                                                             Elefant

(rhino[ceros]                                                                                Nashorn, Rhinozeros)

giraffe                                                                                              Giraffe

zebra                                                                                                Zebra

(kangaroo                                                                                      Känguru)

tiger                                                                                                  Tiger

lion                                                                                                    Löwe

(lioness                                                                                              Löwin)

monkey                                                                                             Affe

bird                                                                                                      Vogel


penguin                                                                                            Pinguin

sea lion                                                                                             Seelöwe

pig                                                                                                        Schwein

(snake                                                                                                 Schlange)

ear                                                                                                        Ohr

tail                                                                                                       Schwanz


Adjectives:                                                                  Adjektive:

lazy                        Rhinos are lazy.                                                faul, träge

interesting          Monkeys are interesting animals.          interessant

the best              Debbie is the best pupil in our form.      der/die/das beste…

the only…           Sita is the only Indian girl in our form.     der/die/das einzige

quiet                   Pupils must be quiet at school.                     ruhig, still

slow                    A lion is too slow to catch a zebra.                 langsam

surprised                I was surprised when she called me.           überrascht

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