EG1_U6_Gr2: Questions_2

EG1_U6_Grammar 2_Questions_2: Yes-No questions with short answers:
Simple Present 1: Yes-No Questions
  1. Do you go to school  every morning?                    Yes, I do.
  2. Does Sita like red shoes?                                            No, she doesn’t
  3. Does Sita like trendy fashion?                                   No, she doesn’t
  4. Does Debbie like trendy fashion?                             Yes, she does.
  5. Does Jenny like sandals?                                              Yes, she does.
  6. Do the Guptas work over the weekend?                 Yes, they do.
  7. Do the Bakers work at the weekend?                       No, they don’t.
  8. Do I do my homework every day?                                No, you don’t.
  9. Does Mrs Baker buy her clothes at Oxfam?             No, she doesn’t

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[Erläuterung: Bei Entscheidungsfragen antwortet der Engländer nie nur mit “yes” oder “no”, sondern gibt eine kurze Antwort. Wir kennen das schon bei den Fragen mit “is/are” bzw. “has/have”:

Are you from Farchant?     —     Yes, I am. (No, I’m not)

Is your father a teacher?    —   Yes, he is. (No, he isn’t.)

Have you got a sister?      —      Yes, I have. (No, I haven’t.)

Has she got a computer?   — Yes, she has. (No, she hasn’t.)