EG1_U5_Gr3_Simple Present_frequency adverbs_Exc1

Write down what Sita (usually) does ……  :

On Monday:

1)    (tidy up, her room, after school)

2)     (do, a lot, homework)

On Tuesday:

3)    (wash, dishes, restaurant)

4)    (make, the soup, for the next day)

On Wednesday: 

5)    (clean, the floor, restaurant);

6)    (help, Indian friend, homework )

On Thursday:

7)    (clean, toilet, restaurant)

8)    (wash, pots, restaurant)

On Friday:

9)    (clean, floor, restaurant)

10)(make, cake, weekend)

On Saturday:

11) (work, kitchen, restaurant)

12)  (help, mother, dining-room, restaurant)

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