Frequent words :                                                                                   Häufg vorkommende

                                                                                                                     Wörter/ Funktionswörter:

because                   I am happy, because I have got friends.          weil

if                                                                                                                           wenn, falls

still                             I‘m still ten years old                                             (immer) noch

back                           Let’s go back                                                           zurück

only                            I’ve got only one friend..                                    nur

first…then                 First I must learn, then I can play.                  zuerst…..dann…


Prepositions:                                                                                        Präpositionen:

next to                        Nick is sitting next to Ben.                                neben,

near                           Farchant is near Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  nahe bei

between                    Nick is between Ben and Mike.                      zwischen

in front of                   The rabbit is in front of the cage.                    vor

behind                       the chair is behind the cage.                           hinter

in                                The hamster is in the cage.                            In

in the street                                                         auf (der Strasse)

on                               I’m on the bus. [im Bus]                                    in, auf

The book is on the desk.                                   auf

under                         Tom is standing under the tree.                     unter

for two minutes       Help me for two minutes, please.                  zwei Minuten (lang)

about                         Let’s talk about cars.                                        über

three questions about grammar…

What’s the story about?                                   worüber?


Expressions:                                                                                         Ausdrücke:

Come on!                 Come on! Let’s go.                                           Los, komm! Komm schon!

What about…?        What about a bike for Nick’s birthday?          Wie wär’s mit eine/m/r….?

Here you are…                                                                                      Hier bitte./ Bitte sehr.

Like this,,                  Start like this.                                                      So…genauso wie…

May I…                      May I help you?                                                  Sie wünschen? Darf ich

…….(Ihnen helfen) ?

I’m just looking.                                                                                     Ich seh mich nur (mal) um.


Additional words:                                                                                 Weitere Wörter:

mouse, mice           one mouse, two mice                                          Maus

bench                        He’s sitting on a park bench.                          (Sitz-) Bank

(bank)                        place where you have your money                 (Bank, Sparkasse)

line                             Write on this line.                                                  Zeile, Linie

alone                         Are you alone or with friends?                        allein

missing                    Put in the missing word.                                    fehlend(e)

° (blind-folded)        There is a blind-folded boy.                        (mit verbundenen Augen)

° (disguised)            a disguised voice                                                (verstellt)

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