Vocabulary 1

                                Vocabulary 1

People                                                           Leute

boy                  Simon is a nice boy                                   Junge, Bub

girl                   Vanessa is a nice girl.                                 Mädchen

pupil                They are pupils in form 5 D                       Schüler(in)

friend               John is my friend                                      Freund, Freundin

partner             Timo is my partner.                                   Partner(in)

teacher             Me Angel is our teacher.                            Lehrer, Lehrerin

form teacher     Mr Schaffer is our form teacher.                 Klassleiter(in)

mum                My mum is wonderful.-                             Mutter, Mama

dad                  My dad is a teacher.                                  Vater, Papa

brother             Nick is Debbie’s brother.                           Bruder

sister                My sister is nice.                                       Schwester

twins                Nick and Debbie are twins.                         Zwillinge

kid                   They are nice kids.                                    Kind, Jugendliche/r

tortoise             Trundle is a clever tortoise.                         Schildkröte


Adjectives:                                                    Eigenschaften

new                 Kevin is a new pupil in my form                 neu

silly                  Some pupils are silly.                                 albern, blöd

clever               Kevin is a clever boy.                                gescheit, klug

stupid               Ben is a stupid boy.                                   dumm, blöd

nice                  All pupils in form 5 are nice                       nett

terrible             My brother is terrible.                                schrecklich

old                   My grandma is old.                                   alt

great                Our school is great.                                   toll, super

funny               This is a funny story.                                 lustig

loud                 Some pupils are loud.                                laut

quiet                Kevin is a quiet boy.                                  ruhig

lazy                  Are you lazy?                                           faul

short                The weekend is very short.                         kurz

long                 The homework is very long.                       lang

the same           We are in the same form.                           gleich(e/er)


Colours                                                                         Farben

black                      schwarz                                     green                        grün

white                      weiss                                         red                            rot

blue                        blau                                           yellow                       gelb

brown                     braun                                         grey                          grau

orange                    orange, orangenfarbig


Nationality/Nationalität/Sprache:                                   Country:

British                                                                                                      Britain

Indian                                                                                                       India

German                                                                                                    Germany

Bavarian                                                                                                   Bavaria

American                                                                                                  America

English                                                                                                     England


Grammar terms:

Singular                                                     Einzahl

Plural                                                         Mehrzahl

short forms                                                Kurzformen

long forms                                                 Langformen

negative short form                                    Verneinung in der Kurzform

sound, sounds                                           der Laut, die Laute